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Class Cancellation Policy Thank you for signing up for a class at Pumpkin Patch Quilt Shop. We realize things come up and you may have to cancel your scheduled class, but please remember the Instructor has made arrangements to be here on time to teach you and fellow classmates. To account for class cancellations, we have initiated a Cancellation Policy. In case you are unable to attend the class, you must cancel at least 5 days prior to the class date in order to receive a FULL refund. If you cancel 3-5 days prior to the class, there is a 50% forfeiture fee deducted from your class fee. You may choose to transfer to another class if available, with a $20 transfer fee plus additional registration fee if applicable. If you cancel less than 3 days prior to class, your class fee is 100% forfeited. Transfer to another class is not available with less than a 3-day cancellation. All-day Classes, especially during lunchtime, you may bring a sack lunch, or take a break to get takeout at a nearby restaurant. Subway is next door, Napoli's is in the shopping center, Popeye's is around the corner, McDonald's is across the street past Rowlett Road, plus many more to chose from nearby. Your instructor will let you know how long you can be gone. If you are late returning, you miss out on the instruction if the class has begun again. *Students are responsible for providing their own materials and sewing machine unless noted in a class description. BOM PROGRAM POLICY Our BOM programs include patterns and instructions, and all fabric needed to complete a quilt top, including border and binding fabric. Backing/batting for the kit is not included. As an added bonus, we offer online color swatch charts and photos of each monthly block; these are for reference and may be viewed at your convenience, or printed as needed. Our Block of the Month Program Policy: When you register for a BOM program(s), it is understood that you are registering for the entire program and that you agree to participate for the duration. Your first shipment will include the current block plus any previously released blocks of your program. We securely store your information, and your monthly blocks are automatically charged (and/or shipped, if applicable). Payment Option 1 You may pay for the program in Full at the time of registration with a one-time charge (includes state sales tax and shipping and handling fees), but please note, you will still only receive one block per month. Most programs have a start-up fee; this fee will sometimes cover your first block, and partial cost of other items such as border and/or background fabrics, and pattern sets. The start-up fee is non-refundable after the program begins. Payment Option 2 You may pay the monthly BOM fee with the state sales tax and any shipping and handling fees, if appropriate. Also included is the start-up fee with the 1st month's BOM charge. The start-up fee is non-refundable after the program begins. For pick up customers: block release is the 1st of each month; your packet will be available at the front desk. If the 1st falls on a Sunday or a holiday, your packet will be available the next regular business day. For mail-order customers: block release is the 1st business Wednesday of each month. We normally bill your account during the week just prior to your next block release. We ask that you check your blocks monthly as you get them, even if you are not working on the project. If, for some reason, you do not receive your next expected block - please contact us immediately. Each BOM mailed is sent with a tracking number. Please remember to update us with any address change or any new credit card information if your card has expired, or has been replaced or canceled. Please be aware that occasionally some fabrics may have to be substituted when we can no longer get original fabrics; we take great care in choosing suitable replacements. It is best to register early to try to avoid replacements. PPQS strives to provide you with a quality Block of the Month at the lowest possible cost. Thank you for helping to make this happen!